Collision Repair Process

What is takes to get your car back to pre-accident condition.

Step 1: Blueprint Vehicle

The Angels Auto Body Proprietary Blueprint process starts with our technicians methodically disassembling, identifying, and itemizing all damaged components down to the factory clips, brackets and under the hood emissions labels. We then identify all the unforeseen damage that was not originally on the insurance appraisal. We then call the dealership give them your vehicle identification number (VIN) and production date and have them fax the complete pictures of the entire assembly. After receiving the pictures of the damaged assembly we then have our technicians highlight the needed parts on the pictures and place our parts order accordingly. We then inform the insurance appraiser of the unforeseen or additional damage (parts that the appraiser wanted fixed but parts we want to replace with new parts) and obtain approval for coverage at no additional expense to you. The last step is to label the parts we disassembled and intend to reuse and store them in a safe location.

Step 2: Order Parts

Once all the parts have been identified and we have received approval for complete coverage, we then order them (always on Mondays to insure a weekly cyclic completion period) by using the Dealership or Factory number on the assembly picture. We use the Angels Auto Body Part order Sheet that has your VIN, Make & Model, The Dealership Number and of course your name and file number. Your parts are given a specific P.O. (Purchase Order by name & file #) so when they arrive we can check them in and check them off the part order sheet. Once we have confirmed that all the parts ordered did in fact arrive they are then inspected for damage and then “mirror matched” to ensue that they fit EXACTLY.

Step 3: Jamb and Fit New Parts

All our new parts arrive coated in an anti-corrosive primer. At this point we inspect all parts for fitment, prime and then paint the inside of the part. This allows us to mount and fit the part on the vehicle in preparation for paint.

Step 4: Body Repairs

Our technicians use the new replacement parts to check for any need to fix any damage to paint, substructure or repairable dents. All the painted parts go through a strict repair process to ensure a straight and durable repair.

Step 5: Paint

Before the final coat our paint staff preps and sands all the panels to be painted and cleans the vehicle to ensure a clean and dust free paint surface.

At this stage our painting staff identifies the vehicle’s color code and the tints needed to match the paint to be used on your vehicle EXACTLY. Even within a single color code there can be many variants of the color on your vehicle. Our staff, using the latest color matching cameras and computerized mixing technology, mixes a unique formula using Axalta (Formerly Dupont) paint products in our “dustless mixing studio”.

Our paint staff can now paint your vehicle with Axalta’s two-stage paint process in our state of the art full down draft booth. Our staff will bake the paint up to 180 degrees to fully seal the paintwork.


Step 6: Reassembly

Once the vehicle has been painted at this point we “reassemble” the vehicle, this is the most time consuming part of the repair process. The paint is ‘fresh & soft” so extreme care must be taken not to damage the fresh paint.

Step 7: Clean and Detail Vehicle

We will clean and detail all repaired areas, vacuum and clean your vehicle in preparation for delivery. At this time we perform a Pre-Delivery Inspection (see the Pre-Delivery Inspection on our “Collision” page) to ensure all repairs performed to our standards.

Your vehicle is ready for pickup. We offer a free pick up/drop service and or a free valet service to get the vehicle to your home if you are not available or “Off-Island”.