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Dealership Quality Auto Repair On Martha’s Vineyard

For mechanical repair, factory recommended services and preventive maintenance MV AutoWorks is your one stop shop on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard. We have the factory SCAN equipment for EVERY MAKE, EVERY MODEL. We have “Off-Island” prices on tires with state of the art mounting/balancing and alignment. No job is too big or too small. At MV AutoWorks we believe in Customer, Character, Community and that there are no unimportant questions please feel FREE TO ask them. You don’t have to go “Off-Island Anymore”.

What is The MV Autoworks Oil Service?


The MV Autoworks 42-Point Pre-Repair Vehicle Inspection We can identify any Serious Safety Issues you may be unaware of, also identify General Mechanical Repairs that need immediate attention to help prevent unexpected breakdowns.  INCLUDED

Oil and Oil Filter that meet your vehicles Manufacturer’s Specifications. INCLUDED

Tire Rotation including Torquing your vehicles Wheel’s Lug Nuts to the Manufacture’s specifications of foot-pounds of Torque. The correct foot-pounds of Torque is the best way to ensure you can change a flat tire (A $75.00 Value). INCLUDED  

Printed list of your Manufactures Recommended Services for your vehicles current millage that are past due, due now, or due in the next 2,000 miles.  INCLUDED

The MV Autoworks 42-Point Vehicle Inspection – Click Here

Manufactures Recommended Services – Click Here

Manufacturer Recommended Service


We have access to all the Manufactures Repair Information Specifications. We also have all the Factory Equipment needed to perform all the Factory Recommended Services for the life of your vehicle for all of your warranty requirements through the 2015 model year.

Pre-Repair Vehicle Inspection


MV AutoWorks is the ONLY Repair Facility on Martha’s Vineyard that does a 42-point Pre-Repair Vehicle Inspection. We developed a system to make sure that your vehicle is in healthy, working order. Our 42 point inspection makes sure that we can inform you that everything from your brakes to your headlights are in good working order when you bring your vehicle in for any repair/factory recommended service or just for an oil service.

Click to see Pre-Repair Vehicle Inspection

Repair & Diagnostics Solutions


We have the capability to diagnose your car’s Check Engine, ABS, and SRS Light and any other Icon(s) displayed on your Instrument Cluster. We can also solve any & all driveability issues that you may have. We specialize in Electrical Problems and have two ASE Certified L1 Master Technicians. All Makes, All Models and All Years.

Tire Replacement


Off Island Tire pricing.

Top 5 Most Important Services


By Following The MVAW Top 5 Most Recommended Services, You can Lower Your Repair Costs and Increase Vehicle Longevity Through Preventive Maintenance.

What are the services?! Click here to view them



State of the Art Mounting Balancing and Alignments

Massachusetts State Inspections


Offering Massachusetts State Inspections. Give us a call for availability.